emerald cup


We recently had the honor of being a finalist in the 2022 Emerald Cup and we’re excited to share some of the results!


The Emerald Cup is a celebration of the best plants and products the cannabis industry has to offer. What started as an event and contest to recognize the best strains grown annually by growers across the Emerald Triangle, has now become a competition spanning 43 categories covering the full spectrum of the cannabis marketplace.

The Emerald Cup has been taking place for 18 years, and the event traditionally takes place in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle – which is known worldwide for its incredible cannabis harvests, but this year’s awards were in LA – our own backyard.

Some of the biggest categories include sungrown greenhouse flower, outdoor flower, solventless concentrate (which includes Ice Wayer Hash, Rosin and Personal Use Ice Water Hash/Rosin) and much much more. You can find the full list of 2022 categories here!

The judging is blind across several all categories, so you know that only the best cannabis ends up in the winning positions. Many aspects are taken into consideration when judging each category. While CBD and THC content matter, it’s important to have a combination of terpene and cannabinoid content, along with flavor and aroma.

Along with a stacked roster of highly respected and highly credible judges, the Emerald Cup has also partnered with PhytoFacts and SC Labs to integrate science in determining which strains and products are worthy of recognition. 


It was an honor to be invited to the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards and we’re incredibly grateful to be included among some of the best growers, extractors and product manufacturers in the business!

So how did FIELD do? We had both a Live Resin and Rosin strain place in the Solvent and Solventless concentrate categories.

Under the Solventless Concentrate category, our Papaya Cold Cured Live Rosin strain placed 4th.

We placed 2nd under the Solvent Concentrate (Hydro-carbon Liquid) category with our RS-11 FIELD x WIzard Trees x Doja collab. Check it out here!

You can find the full list of the 2022 award winners here!



Once again, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of the 2022 Emerald Cup! It’s exciting to see our products gain recognition on such a large scale, alongside some the best cannabis producers in the world. We’ll continue to work on improving our Live Resina and Rosin strains over the course of the next year to see what our results are like in 2023. We thank the Emerald Cup team for everything they do for the cannabis industry as a whole and for considering us this year for the awards.

Thanks from the FIELD team and check out the Emerald Cup to learn about getting involved.