Field x Ember Valley 710 Collab

Field x Ember

In celebration of 7/10 (aka the 4/20 for concentrate fans), we’re teaming up with Ember Valley to bring an ultra-exclusive batch of drool-worthy live resin.

Ember Valley holds itself to an equally high standard of cannabis greatness, so it only made sense for us to come together to deliver some mind-blowing concentrate. While other cultivators focus on cost per gram, Ember Valley obsesses over the quality of smoke, the terpene profile, and the effects you get from each of their cultivars—sounds kinda like us. 

Staying true to our no BS roots, we’ve hand-selected some of Ember Valley’s best fresh frozen flower and paired it with our award-winning extraction process. The result is just pure, beautiful live resin the way nature intended. If you want in on this extremely limited drop, you’ll only find these bad boys in a handful of dispensaries along the West Coast like Farmacy Berkley and The Pottery. Check out the full retailer list below!

We’ve hand-selected some of Ember Valley’s best fresh frozen flower and paired it with our award-winning extraction process.

But what exactly are we dropping, you ask? Read on for a list of these must-have live resin strains and where you can find them.

The Official 7/10 Drop

To kick off 7/10 the right way, we couldn’t just give you some run-of-the-mill strains. We had to give you the very best of Ember Valley in a convenient live resin package. You’ll discover unique strains like:


A heavy-hitting SoCal staple with the terps to boot. This Archive Seedbank classic is a cross of Do-Si-Dos and Face Off OG — which explains the sweet yet salty flavor with notes of caramel, pine nuts, and straight earth.


Oh boy does this one bring us back. Pure Jack terps that flood your nose while the Wedding Cake sets in right behind the eyes and mixes clear-headedness with a calming, euphoric high. This cross of Jack Herer and Wedding Cake combines all of our favorite flavors from the 90s with the potency and purity of today’s extracts.


Imagine Grandma’s classic boysenberry pie sitting on the windowsill with a skunky, slightly more sinister undertone. This blend combines the piney-nostalgic 2000s gas flavor of Riff OG with the fruity, grapey, and peppery terps from that Wedding Cake x Grape Pie lineage (Wedding Pie). Be ready for long-lasting psychoactive effects that can K.O. the most veteran of dabbers.


What do you get when you blend Ice Cream Cake with Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebble OG x Grape Pie)? The answer is something that’s likely sweeter than your favorite dessert. Enjoy notes of marshmallow, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and slight grape with cerebral effects that’ll make any time or day easy like Sunday morning.


Move out of the way Girl Scouts. This legendary Seed Junky Genetics cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints tastes like a Thin Mint but hits like a professional boxer. Look forward to heavy cerebral effects and a dense, creamy flavor that carries right down to the moment where the vapor leaves your mouth.


The party is just getting started. With grandparents like Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbert, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this one hits deceptively hard while maintaining a sweet-floral aroma with a gentle fruity aftertaste. Expect notes of citrus, berries, and honeydew.

The Official 7/10 Drop

If you want to get your hands on this exclusive drop before it’s gone, head to one of the stores below and celebrate 7/10 the right way.

Field x Ember Valley Live Resin available exclusively at these retailers:

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