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Are you ready for the newest release of our partner series? This time around, we’re focusing on farmers from the North Coast and unveiling our new Valley Grove collab. Longtime fans of everything these guys do, we’ve seen them work with the best extractors in the industry to create near-legendary live rosins, and now this long-awaited FIELD collab is here.

Around since the prop. 215 era, Valley Grove is a well-respected part of the cannabis community. Located on the Sonoma Coast, in a fertile valley surrounded by rolling hills, the plants at Valley Grove thrive in a sunny, Mediterranean climate. Nightly temperature swings accentuate the color and terpenes of the flowers, creating a unique full-term experience.

Just north of the bay and south of wine country, Sonoma County is an area that has long been considered a Mecca of cannabis culture. Eric Stanley, co-curator of the Sonoma County Museum exhibition Grass Roots described how, “before and after the legalization of marijuana in 1996, Sonoma County has played a significant role with dispensaries, medical marijuana advocates, activists and others in a rapidly evolving environment.”

Though they don’t maintain a huge presence online, Valley Grove is well known for quickly selling out of their beautiful outdoor flowers and partnering with some of the finest names in extraction. To create our first official collab together, FIELD selected the three best hash-making strains from this year’s harvest and brought out these distinct cultivars’ delicate flavors and aromas. Each one reflects a wildly different palate and different legendary breeders as well.

Field Live Rosin La Kush Cake Product

LA Kush Cake (Kush Mints x Wedding Cake) by Seed Junky Genetics.

Seed Junky is a renowned breeder who’s taken his career from a small Southern California garage to the world stage. This indica dominant strain comes from two parents that are also JBeezy creations. The flavor profile has strong Kush notes with hints of vanilla and peppermint and a smooth exhale with effects that tend to creep up on you.

Field Live Rosin Package

Sour Diesel x Wilson by Masonic Seeds.

Masonic is a cult-favorite breeder based in Compton who specializes in hash genetics. His famous stud, the Wilson, is (Papaya x Banana OG) crossed with Tropicanna Cookies (Tangie x Cookies). The Wilson’s been paired with many strains before, but none more potent and resinous than Sour Diesel. This balanced, sativa-leaning hybrid has a terpene profile of fuel, tropical fruit, and cookies on the back end.

Field Live Rosin Package

Grapes n Cream (Grape Pie x Cookies n Cream) by Cannarado Genetics.

Cannarado is a highly acclaimed breeder based in Colorado. This hash maker’s dream was created by mixing his Grape Pie to Exotic Genetix’ classic strain Cookies n’ Cream. Both parents wash exceptionally well, and the water is full of anthocyanins from the Grape Pie, turning it a rich purple. The terpene profile of this pheno leans more to the cookies and cream but with a slight grape hint.

When asked about the decision to collab, Valley Grove told us, “giving people the experience of a lifetime takes a team of specialists. We wanted to work with FIELD because they’re known for high quality. We like to sign with companies that bring to market a product that properly represents the resin we cultivate. From the packaging to the hash and even the retail displays, FIELD makes it look as beautiful as it tastes.”

Like we said before, we’ve been longtime fans of the dedication Valley Grove brings to the scene, and getting a chance to work with the people we respect to create unique and unf*cked with extracts is why we get up each morning.

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Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

A writer, content creator, & event coordinator, Matt Jackson is a polymath whose been working with cannabis for almost two decades. Check out more of his work.