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Doja Lighting Joint Wizard Treez

FIELD celebrates the people doing it right in the cannabis space by partnering with the best in the biz to deliver some incredible collaborations. We’re super proud to have launched our newest partnership with Doja and Wizard Trees. You won’t find a more influential and true-to-the-culture pair, and if you don’t already know these two, we’re excited to share their stories and their strains with the world.

Packaged with a whole new look and our collector’s dab tool, these are fresh-frozen, whole-flower extracts with no added terpenes or CRC processing. Just concentrated flower, unf*cked with and as it was meant to be experienced.

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A longtime collaborator with Doja Pak and the brain behind Zangria and Mananaz, his work has produced a series of exclusive releases that have set the scene on fire.

Wizard Trees has always been a step ahead of the game. When asked how to stay fresh in the market, he said, “you gotta come up with new strains all the time, and if you collab with other dope brands that have the same vision as you, the sky’s the limit.”

FIELD co-founder Wade Sanders summed up our excitement like this, “we have kind of a checklist of companies we want to work with…and Wizard Trees was one of them. They’re really committed to only putting out stuff they’re proud of. They’re really only growing and breeding the best stuff…That’s the kind of person I want to do business with.”

You gotta come up with new strains all the time, and if you collab with other dope brands that have the same vision as you, the sky's the limit.


Doja Pak has transformed from its underground distribution roots to the powerhouse behind some of the most in-demand strains in the state. California cannabis smokers will be familiar with Doja for providing the gold medal standard on strains. If you’re looking to find the absolute best example of a specific flavor, there’s no better place to look.

By building connections with cultivators and suppliers all over the state and focusing on releasing only the top quality, the brand that only officially started in 2016 has already gone worldwide. “We’ve never done business outside of California,” he said in a 2021 High Times interview, “but I have pictures in my phone from people… holding cans in front of the Eiffel Tower, holding cans in Dubai.”

Not content to rest on any laurels, Doja Pak used existing partnerships with names like Wizard Trees to produce brand exclusives like RS11 and Studio 54. Each of these sought-after strains represents a brand and cultivator operating at the top of their game.


RS-11 Live Resin Field

OZK Guava x Sunset Sherbert

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime extracts. Deeply funky, its meditative effects are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. RS11 is Wizard Tree’s OZK x Pink Guava with a backcrossed Sunset Sherbert phenotype known as Black Sherb. An interview with LA WEEKLY revealed how the Black Sherb was bred by DEO farms, then hit with pollen from Wizard Tree’s OZK x Pink Guava male.

Studio 54 Live Resin Field

Sunset Sherbert x OZ Kush #54

This Wizard Trees collab carries all that greasy gas along with hints of fruit and funk inside an amazingly creamy flavor. Studio 54 lives up to its name with the same high energy as the legendary New York hotspot and the same level of exclusivity. This strain is one of only two survivors of a massive, cutthroat, race-for-the-crown pheno hunt.


These two new releases are only available in select stores and will go fast, so keep your eyes on our stories, or sign up for our email list to get all the drop details.

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

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